8 Customer Feedback Questions to ask from clients

8 Customer Feedback Questions to ask from clients

To ask customer feedback questions has become necessary. By making the most of it, a business can go places.

Businesses today have become customer-centric. The customer view of the services from a business is of unprecedented value today.

In a recent survey conducted by SurveyMonkey,  57 percent of the customers were found to have quit a product or service.

The reason was that they had a bad experience. However, surprisingly, the customers had quit only after one bad experience.

Given its importance, this article discusses the customer feedback questions that a business should ask its customers.

1. How did you hear about us?

Video Testimonials Outclass Text-Based Testimonials

To some, asking this question may be less significant.

The reason why some consider it unimportant is that web analytics, sort of, provide this data.

The web analytics data reveals where the traffic is coming from. However, it cannot be precise in that information. And what led the customers to reach you.

The customer may have heard about you from a friend or a podcast. Or may have seen you on social media.

However, it remains unclear until and unless you do not explicitly ask them. Asking this question is therefore logical.

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2. What changes did our product bring for you?


Asking this question has many benefits.

You get to know if the customers get their job done using your product/service. If yes, to what extent then.

Moreover, it can also be included in the client testimonials examples.

Therefore ask this question in video format. So you can cash it in as a good video review.

You may also incorporate it as one of your video testimonials.

3. Why did you choose us?

Builds Confidence and Credibility

By this question, you will realize why a customer opted for you. You will also understand by what expectations the customer chose you. And to ensure that your business meets those expectations.

Asking this question is essential. It can help you to retain the customer.

4. What do you like the most in our Product/Service?

Video-Based Content Makes People Emotional

This question is not for a business to become euphoric.

Instead, to maintain what the customers like the most in your product/service. And also to make it more likable in the future.

Ask this in the form of a video review. So, you may also incorporate it in your client testimonials examples. Software, such as the Vidmonials, for customer review management may also be used in this regard.

5. How can we be of better help?

Client testimonial uses the power of storytelling

One of the customer feedback questions to ask: how the customers think your services can better serve their needs.

There are two questions to ask in this regard.

1) If the customer thinks that there should be any update to the product.

2) If the customer thinks that the service should be improved in any way possible.

Nevertheless, working and implementing the changes become inevitable after this question.

You don’t want your customers to answer this question for nothing.

It drives the message home that you value the satisfaction of your customers. And also that their opinions and suggestions carry significant weight.

6. Are you satisfied with our service/product?

Attracts customers by creating client loyalty

It is one of those customer feedback questions on which a dedicated article can be written.

A business naturally wants to know if the customer is happy and satisfied with it.

Even for a business with a strong brand image and loyal customer base, asking this question is necessary.

Now, the world today is very much affected by digitality.

And if tomorrow, an unhappy customer decides to negatively review you, it could put at stake your brand image. The brand-image that took years-long efforts to be built.

So keep asking your customers whether they are satisfied with the services or not. It also helps to avoid developing any communication gap between you and the customers.

7. What are the challenges you’re struggling with?

How do the Fake Testimonials Work

Ask this as one of your customer feedback questions.

Listen to them: what is the biggest hurdle in achieving their desired success.

The next step that comes after listening: working.

Work towards the challenges faced by your customers, as you would for your own

8. Why did you choose us over our competitors?

you learn about our business that shocked you

To ask your customers why they chose you is one thing. However, asking why the customer chose you over your many competitors is a whole different question.

Asking this as one of the customer feedback questions helps you know what stands you out from the competitors. You will understand your strengths in comparison to the competitors.

It gives you confidence.

Key takeaways

Customer feedback questions play a crucial role for a business. It is how it knows the views of the customers for its services/product.

This helps define the probability of the customers staying with a business.

It also helps to elevate the satisfaction of the customers. So to make the value of the money spent by the customers worthy.

This article discussed in detail the customer feedback questions to ask from clients.

Aim to include them as part of your business process. It helps immensely in the long run.

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