Create Memorable Brand Identity By Following These Five Video Social Proof Principles

Create Memorable Brand Identity By Following These Five Video Social Proof Principles

A psychological phenomenon is known as “social proof” occurs when a person mimics others to act in a certain way in a particular situation.

Cialdini created the word in his 1984 book Influence, and the notion of informational social influence is also known as a kind of influence.

Wherever people are unsure of how to act in social circumstances, the idea that those around them have more understanding about the current issue lends weight to the concept of “social proof.”

When it comes to online shopping, a customer’s testimonial or recommendation of your business is considered “social proof,” which refers to the favorable feedback you receive from others about your product or service.

As a result, people are more inclined to buy if they hear about it from their friends and family. Online store owners display real-time purchasing on their websites to persuade new clients to buy their products.

Businesses and organizations have recently begun deliberating, “How can I use video social proof to build a distinctive brand identity?”

To help businesses use Video Social Proof throughout the buyer’s journey, Vidmonials developed a five-principle framework.

Principle #1 of 5: Visual

Video Social Proof

Make it as intuitive and straightforward for your customers as possible to feel connected to your business through video. Add video touchpoints to all of your sales channels to keep your customers engaged and educated at all times.

With simply a textual explanation or even just a still image, you’re relying on your customers to trust in your product or service without seeing it in action and without knowing whether or not the price is worth the benefits.

To your detriment, you leave your customers with essential questions that could drive them away, or worse, push them to your competitors who have the answers to these concerns on display.

Video Social Proof is a powerful tool for showcasing and explaining your products and services. In HubSpot’s opinion, 97% of marketers believe that video has improved their customers’ comprehension of their products and services.

Principle #2 of 5: Personal

Your customers’ actual experiences should be reflected in your product or service to establish your brand as a leader in your industry. This will go a long way toward increasing brand engagement, enhancing customer connections, and promoting future sales.

The people who buy, utilize, and benefit from your services are just as important as the materials, processes, messaging, and people who put them together.

If all you’re doing is listing the features and functions of your product, you’re not presenting its actual narrative.

All consumers’ interactions with your product or service make up your true story.

Principle #3 of 5: Contextual

Video Social Proof

A potential customer’s comprehension of your product or service can be enhanced by using user-generated video footage. A tool like Vidmonials remote capture and automation capabilities make it possible to capture and distribute your message to your customers at any point in their buying cycle, no matter where they are located.

Your time in front of potential consumers can be better utilized if you provide vital context and rapidly relate to them at the point of need so they can judge trustworthiness and relevance.

When your message is contextualized, customers are more likely to connect with your brand.

As a result, context keeps you in front of your clients, delivering them what they want and keeping it visual and personal; you will be their final choice of brand.

Principle #4 of 5: Timely

Launch campaigns to collect user-generated content efficiently and cost-effectively so that you can quickly turn around high-converting videos and be ready to meet customers on their schedule, with the correct message for their changing needs and interests.

The average time it takes to get your first video from your audience is under five days with Video Social Proof. Vidmonials can further enhance the conversion rate.

This shift in economics has made video accessible to employees in every department and role within a company.

Principle #5 of 5: Communal

Let your community know who their peers are and what they think of your product or service, and then invite them to contribute by sharing their own stories about how they’ve used it. Then, give back to your community in a unique way. Bring your community to life with video social proof.

You can’t get a stronger foundation for a solid brand community than using Video Social Proof to connect with your customers.

Recognizing, trusting, participating, and rewarding your customers are all made possible by this system.

Bottom Line

Original is the operative word here; when we talk about the video social proof principle. Brands can’t afford to disregard the value of being honest when establishing connections. People will not feel a connection to you if you are not genuine. Period.

Because of this, it’s far more challenging to establish a community around your brand and get results from it.

In light of the ideas outlined above, Vidmonials can assist you in creating a distinctive brand identity.

Learn more about Vidmonials by scheduling a demonstration with one of our product experts.

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