How to Create Effective Marketing Campaign with Customer Video Testimonials

How to Create Effective Marketing Campaign with Customer Video Testimonials

Blog posts, photos, infographics, PDFs, eBooks, case studies, and other sorts of material can all be used for marketing, but nothing beats customer video testimonials.


Videos have a huge following. More than 53% of customers want to see more video content from a company they like on their website. It is the reason why 87% of marketers make use of videos in their campaigns.

One of the excellent methods to use videos for promotion is to create customer video testimonials. After watching a video on your website, visitors are 64% more likely to convert.

Using a video testimonial from a real customer who has used your product can increase conversion and persuade viewers to take action. In addition, it’s a video, which lends credibility to the evaluation.

A customer video testimonial is one thing, but putting it to use for marketing purposes is quite another. Without utilizing your client testimonial videos to the utmost extent, you are essentially throwing money away.

This step-by-step guide will show you how to get the most out of client testimonials and reviews, as well as what methods to employ.

Time to get to work.

Why use customer video testimonials in your marketing campaigns?

Why use customer video testimonials in your marketing campaigns

Customers who have used your product or interacted with your brand will be interviewed for a customer video testimonial (also known as a customer review video). When a customer uses your product and has an opinion to give, you’ve earned their trust.

These video testimonials can be put to a variety of uses in your marketing strategy.

Pre-purchase research suggests that 85% of customers browse for reviews. Customers’ video testimonials work wonders in influencing others to buy your product or service.

What, then, makes video testimonials so critical to your business’s overall marketing strategy?

The following are some of the most compelling reasons to incorporate customer video testimonials in your marketing strategy:

  • Video testimonials from satisfied customers help build trust and credibility for your company.
  • Customers can describe processes, benefits, and their own experiences from a unique angle that most people find appealing.
  • Video testimonials from satisfied customers appear genuine and approachable. When compared to a commercial, a random individual talking about your product is more credible.

You won’t be disappointed by the quality of the customer testimonial videos. These videos can be used in a variety of ways in your marketing efforts.

Tips for Marketing using Customer Video Testimonials

Using customer video testimonials for marketing is the most effective way to put them to use. Video has a 95% retention rate, which indicates that individuals who see a video remember 95% of it, whereas just 12% of the text is remembered by those who read it.

The greatest thing you can do for your marketing is to use videos because your audience will remember and recall video material better. So, to leverage customer video testimonials in marketing, you need to do the following.

Here are some of the significant ways to sell with testimonial videos, including tips and tricks.

1. Use Landing Page

Use Landing Page

A customer testimonial can’t be used more effectively than this. Use it as proof that your product works on a landing page to increase conversions. It will help you sell more. On a landing page, using customer video testimonials raises the conversion rate by 86%.

You may use a customer testimonial video in a variety of ways on your landing page.

  • It can be used to develop new leads.
  • Persuade visitors to buy your product by utilizing this technique.
  • You can also use it as a haphazard endorsement.

As a result, customer video testimonials can be used at various points throughout the sales process. Your product’s interest will grow as a result of using this method of spreading awareness (at the top of the funnel).

It’s also useful for generating sales at the bottom of the funnel by converting leads into customers.

Try to figure out how and where to best employ a video on a landing page.

You’ll always have a variety of video testimonials at your disposal, each of which can be used on a separate landing page. Multi-video landing pages under the Customer Testimonials section are also possible.

Find out which types of videos perform best on which types of landing pages by performing tests.

One of your most effective marketing tools is a video of a customer testimonial. Utilize them if you can.

2. Newsletter/Email


It is an excellent way to engage your readers and keep them coming back for more. The subscribers are divided into different funnel stages, and not all of them are active customers.

Send customer video testimonials through email to those who haven’t purchased from you yet to entice them to do so.

A fascinating short story can be built around a testimonial rather than just sending a link to it or embedding it.

It’s more effective to get a referral from someone who’s used your product than to praise it yourself. An email campaign like this might be a game-changer for your company.

Sending email testimonials to your subscribers? Here are some excellent practices to remember:

  1. If possible, the video testimonial should relate to the email’s subject line and body copy.
  2. Please refrain from sending unsolicited emails.
  3. Focus on the subject line while sending emails.
  4. Send links instead of embedding movies in your email.
  5. Personalize emails and videos as well. Emphasize customization.

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3. Blogging

Blogging Customer video testimonials

Because blog postings generate organic traffic, marketers place a high value on blogging. On the list of most trustworthy sources of information, blogs come in at number 5.

A blog post about customer video testimonials would be a great idea.

Use a case study or testimonials as the basis for a blog article — the choice is yours.

You’ll have to think beyond the box, of course. You can’t merely take the testimonial’s transcript as the basis for a post on your site. Publishing video testimonials as blog posts alone will not provide readers with any value.

To build a blog post that incorporates video client testimonials, follow these steps:

  1. Refer to a specific feature in the video in a blog article by using video. As a result, your blog post will have more trustworthiness and authority.
  2. Writing an instructive piece instead of a promotional video testimonial can help to mitigate the promotional effect.
  3. Make a post offering a collection of video testimonials from your customers.
  4. Use video testimonials to generate little case studies that you can then use as blog pieces.
  5. As a call to action, include a link to a video testimonial. Advertise with banners that link to the video testimonials.

Using a blog post instead of a video testimonial on your landing page or YouTube channel can get you more views and more visitors.

Send blog readers to your sales funnel, where they may sign up for your mailing list.

4. Web Page

Web Page Customer video testimonials

Customer video testimonials look great on your website since it’s the finest spot to put them. Because it’s the first page a potential consumer sees, you’ll want to include evidence reviews and testimonials around your website to sway new visitors.

You can utilize customer video testimonials in the following areas on your website:

  1. Website’s Main Page or Home Page
  2. Landing Page
  3. Page for Sale
  4. A Page with Testimonies
  5. Sidebar

5. Social Media

Leverage Social Media

There is a lot of time spent on social media. Social media is actively used by about half of the world’s population.

Business owners and marketers love social media marketing because of this. That’s why customer video testimonials on social media are so effective.

If you post client testimonials on the appropriate social networks, you’ll quickly reach your target audience. Consider using Facebook to share video testimonials from your customers.

Posting it as an image or a video is your choice.

What if you posted a video of a satisfied customer each week on Instagram? If you’re in the business-to-business sector, you can also post films to LinkedIn.

Think of all the social media sites like Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. You must provide a link to a landing page with testimonials on it to generate new customers.

An advertising campaign on your favorite social media network is the best way to get your target audience to see video testimonials from customers (e.g., Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked In, etc.).

In this instance, a brief but impactful advertisement is required.

Before launching an ad, make sure a client testimonial is perfect. Try including product data, a compelling headline, and conversion-boosting emotional cues to see if it helps.

You should exercise caution when running a social media ad for a customer testimonial video that has not been edited.


Knowing what to do and how to accomplish it makes expanding your business much easier. Your audience can be reached in a variety of ways with a single customer video testimonials.

In terms of sales and revenue, how you utilize these videos matter a great deal. You can use these testimonial videos in whatever way you like. If your methods and techniques do not work, you must be willing to make adjustments.

If, for example, submitting video testimonials to YouTube performs better than on Facebook, you should change your strategy and stop caring about Facebook.

Develop a testimonial strategy based on feedback from customers. Be sure to contact all of your satisfied clients and ask for a testimonial video from them.

Even if you don’t notice any results in the first several months, keep making videos. Wait a while before making any snap decisions.

It’s guaranteed to work. Now is the time to get to work.

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