A Beginners Guide To The Product Hunt

a beginners guide to the product hunt

Product Hunt, founded by Ryan Hoover in November 2013, is a US-based website. It lets you discover new products and also allows you to share and launch your own.

The product listing on Product Launch is numbered in a linear format for a day. Meaning that a product will be listed according to the ‘first come, first serve’ basis. However, a product will be ranked according to the votes that it receives in a day.

Basically, for every product, there’s a comment section along with a voting system (much like Reddit). And the latter makes a product to be ranked, as discussed before.

Technology products (web apps, mobile apps, hardware products, etc.), games (PC, online, mobile apps), books, and podcasts are the four categories into which products are divided.

A submission only needs the name of the product, the URL, and the tagline.

According to Hoover, the website has helped people find over 100 million products from 50,000 different companies as of 2016.

Producthunt also has a featured collection and a daily email list, which distributes yesterday’s top tech ‘hunts’ (products). Moreover, there is a digest version for both games and literature.

Additionally, there are iOS, macOS, Android, and Google Chrome extensions for Product Hunt. Its corporate office is located in San Francisco.

In November 2016, Product Hunt was acquired by AngelList for $20 million.

So how to launch and have your product listed on Product Hunt?

After learning about the product Hunt, if you have a product that you’d like to launch on it, then there is a checklist below to ensure that you do it correctly:


It is not possible for your product to be featured on the product hunt without being listed. So, the first thing to get started is to sign up. 

To do so, you need to use your personal accounts and not the organizational/business ones.  


You need to add your product or organization’s web link as a primary source to reach you.

It is also good to add a link to Google Play, the App Store, or another marketplace where users can access or download your product. You are also required to add a product page on Product Hunt.


In the title, you are required to add the name of your product. You should not add any description or use any emojis. Furthermore, the title should exactly match your product name. 


Here you can add all the details of the values that your product provides to its user with a maximum length of 60 characters. Also, be specific as unnecessary information can affect your product’s image. 

Communicate the value of your product and do not go on to elaborate the features. Additionally, avoid slogans that may not provide value to your users. 


It is a good idea to add a static thumbnail. So, it is recommended to add a picture of 24X240. You can also add a GIF to capture the users’ attention because, for some products, it is good to add GIFs, but most marketers and makers like to add static images. 


In the gallery, you can add images related to your product. You can also add pictures of the interface of your software. 

You can also add a video, which can be very engaging and attractive. You can do so by uploading it via youtube. 

It is also a good idea to add at least one GIF. However, make sure it is tweetable.

Lastly, Product Hunt recommends adding an image of 635X380 in the gallery, and it should be under 3MB.


A maker on a Product Hunt is basically the key person who represents a product on its platform.

It is recommended to add multiple Product Hunt makers because each will receive recognition and will be able to interact with multiple users.

On the other hand, it is difficult to interact with multiple users with a single product hunt maker.

It can also be beneficial to share your Product Hunt username on your social media, as this allows you to reach your friends, colleagues, or desired people on Product Hunt.


Media is a place on the Product hunt where you can add digital media and web links related to your product. In this section, you can also add articles, reviews, announcements, and important news related to your product.

Social Links

Here you can add all social media profiles of your company. You can add your company’s Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, SlideShare accounts, and others.

Maker Comment

In this section, you can schedule your launch.

You can straightway go live by selecting ‘Launch now,’ but it is recommended if you have spent a lot of time on Product Hunt.

As for the newly joined users, they should spend time on the platform of Product Hunt before launching any of their product (s).

Last few words

While this article and all of the advice that it includes is meant to help you launch your project successfully, it does not promise upvotes, media attention, or a tonne of new users and traffic.

Additionally, as the Product Hunt platform continues to develop, its best practices may also change.

Nevertheless, making sure that all the right boxes are checked is definitely the first step towards a successful launch on the product hunt’s platform.

Lastly, you can totally check Vidmonials Product Hunt listing. It was the number one product of the day on its respective day of launch. So, it is definitely worth it to check how it accomplished it.

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