A Beginners Guide To The Product Hunt

a beginners guide to the product hunt

The Product Hunt is a community of startup enthusiasts, growth hackers, and tech-loving persons. Users can post technology-related products on Product Hunt, and the community can vote it up. The most voted product is listed at the top of the page for that day. 

Every day, Product Hunt curates new and innovative products that people have not heard of yet. Product Hunt allows investors and product makers to come together and utilize the platform as a launchpad. It works as a hunting ground for Investors and a community interaction for users. 

Launching a product on Product Hunt is an essential and sensitive matter for product makers and marketers. If you want to get your product listed on the product hunt, consider the following points before launching a product on Product Hunt.

To get your product listed on Product Hunt, you need to sign up with a personal account. There is no account for the company; you will reach top influencers through this account. Your followers and friends will upvote your product.


You need to add your product or organization’s web link as a primary source to reach your organization’s development. It is also good to add a link to Google Play, the App Store, or another marketplace where users can access or download your product. You are also required to add a product page on Product Hunt.


In the title, you are required to add the name of your product. You should not add any description of any emojis. The title should exactly match your product name. 


Here you can add all the details of your product values of a user, with a maximum length of 60 characters. Be specific; unnecessary information can affect your product’s image. Communicate the value of your product; even 95% of features are ignored here. Avoid slogans that can not be valuable to your user. 


It is good to add a static thumbnail; it is recommended to add a picture of 24X240. You can also add a GIF to capture the users’ attention because, for some products, it is good to add GIFs, but most marketers and makers like to add static images. 


In the gallery, you can add product-related images. You can add pictures of the interface of your software. Adding a video can be very engaging and attractive; you can upload a Via YoutTube, and it will show up first. It is also good to add at least one GIF; make sure it is tweetable. Product Hunt recommends adding an image of 635X380 in the gallery, and it should be under 3MB.


Maker is the key person who represents a product on Product Hunt. It is good to add multiple makers because they will receive recognition and interact with users compared to one maker. It is beneficial to share your Product Hunt username on your social media; in this way, you can reach your friends on Product Hunt.


Media is a place where you can add digital media related to your product and web links related to your product. In this section, you can add articles, reviews, announcements and important news related to your product.

Social Links

Here you can add all your company profiles; you can add your company’s Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and SlideShare accounts. 

Maker Comment

In this section, you can schedule your Launch; you can straightway go live by selecting Launch now, but it is not recommended to go live straightway. Makers and influencers who have already spent a lot of time on Product Hunt can go for Launch Now. Newly joined users should spend time on Product Hunt before launching any product.

Learn From Vidmonials

Vidmonials is a remote video recording software listed on Product Hunt. Elena Cirera is the product maker of Vidmonials. Vidmonials is about to be launched on Product Hunt. A new user can learn a lot from the profile of Elena Cirera and Vidmonials.

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