8 Best Testimonial Videos to Inspire Your Own

8 Best Testimonial Videos to Inspire Your Own

There are several techniques to make great testimonial videos, and we can sit here all day and talk about them.

But we know how the creative process works. This is particularly helpful when it comes to visualizing your objective. There are multiple ways you can learn about a subject. For instance, in this case, it is testimonial videos. The greatest method, though, is to observe the professionals perform it and then inspire your work.

And we have brought together eight remarkable testimonial videos from both large and small companies. These testimonial videos are universal in their applicability. They can help you do the same regardless of the size of your company, the product or service you sell, and the marketing budget you have to work with.

Let’s begin without further ado.

1. Vidmonials

This video has been recorded by using Vidmonials video review software. Moreover, it is also one of the great testimonial videos to inspire your own.

In this video, Shaur-ul-Asar, the founder and CEO of R-ACT Solutions, which is a digital marketing agency, can be seen praising the Vidmonials video review services. In addition to that, he is also highlighting the way Vidmonials has helped their agency in getting significant traffic.

I quote the exact words of R-ACT Solutions’ CEO here.

“Our company had a great experience with the Vidmonials app. Our website experienced a huge SEO traffic boost after using video reviews that we recorded using Vidmonials. I highly recommend Vidmonials to every company that is serious about Customer Service. In my opinion, companies should give it a shot!”

CEO, R-ACT Solutions

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2. Testimonial Hero

In this video, you can see Eric Hinson, Founder, and CEO, Explainify commending Testimonial Hero. He states that “The Testimonial Hero helps, among other things, displaying your business’s brand identity, establishing trust, and highlighting the demands of clients.”

Furthermore, he adds that Testimonial Hero’s Remote Testimonial Service has been a great help for their venture. This helped them collect testimonies from their customers without putting in any extra effort.

3. Vocal Video

This video is a compilation of the testimonial videos from the Martha Stoumen Wines community that is created using Vocal Video.

You can notice how Vocal Video makes the process of recording, editing, and sharing the testimonial videos.

The video starts with the company logo and title of the video. Next comes an intriguing highlight in texts that gives customers a context of what they have to say in the video.

Lastly, you can see the happy customers recording their reviews as the video progresses.

4. Boast

Another great testimonial video example is recorded using Boast, where the customer is recording a testimonial themselves. What is unique about this testimonial video is that it is being recorded in a very natural environment.

Moreover, the video looks unscripted, raw, and original at the same time. Additionally, the video is nicely edited and polished to make it better for human eyes. Such testimonial videos deserve a place on this list.

5. Remote Video Testimonials

Customer records testimonial video remotely after working with Okun Orthodontics using the video review service by remote video testimonials.

The video looks smooth and natural from a third-person perspective. It is a feature that uplifts customer trust and improves the credibility of the products and services.

Moreover, the users also seem to be relaxed while recording such testimonial videos. In particular, the customer in this video takes his time to explain how the working process with Okun Orthodontics was so smooth and helped them enormously in every aspect.

6. VideoPeel

With VideoPeel, you can talk about things more genuinely.

In this video, you can see Peter, a representative of American Heritage Worldwide. Here is what he has to say about his experience with the VideoPeel video review service. He is recording this testimonial using VideoPeel.

“We just recently started using VideoPeel. We have attempted to solicit feedback and testimonials, and insight from our family members all around the world who use our online curriculum. We will text several thousand families, providing them with a link, and have a handful of participants who submit videos.”

7. Getbravo

This testimonial video was recorded using Getbravo in-browser recorder and being streamed again using Getbravo video hosting service.

In this video, Karen Avnery, founder of Key Lime Cards, records a testimonial video and expresses her gratitude towards Getbravo. She speaks about how the Getbravo video review service has helped her to boost her card sales.

She films her customer testimonials via Getbravo and publishes them on her website. Getbravo has led her to reach an audience which she credits to Getbravo.

8. Easy Capture Media

The testimonial video from Easy Capture Media features Lindsey North from Bitty Bites Pediatric Dentistry.

She shares her experience and adds that there is immense competition in marketing. A person can get confused in all this.

Furthermore, Easy Capture Media seems to be a reliable partner in not only recording but also publishing and promoting testimonial videos on the internet space.

Moreover, “the video format is user-friendly and comes with valuable features such as editing and sound effects.” she added.


By utilizing the best standards in video production, these testimonial videos communicate the merits of their services and goods entertainingly.

Use these videos as a model for your content, but do not emulate their format. Rather than trying to emulate someone else’s testimonial videos style, you should build your own that highlights your business.

These videos show that there are many different ways to attain the same goal.

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