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Vidmonials provides the best remote video recording services in the industry with its innovative and reliable video collection and dispersion features.

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Vidmonials VS VideoPeel

VideoPeel Is Nice. Vidmonials Is Nicer.

VideoPeel is one of the markets’ trusted online video recording platforms. Yet, Vidmonials provides you with all of the tools you need to create professional and refined videos to use in all of your customer-facing marketing activities - BETTER THAN VIDEOPEEL.
VideoAsk VS Vidmonials

VideoAsk Feels Great. Vidmonials Works Great.

While VideoAsk is great for recording videos for your professional or personal use, Vidmonials happens to provide all of its features - JUST BETTER. It’s an all-in-one video platform that you can use to improve relationships with your customers, employees, and many other stakeholders.

What clients are saying

Vidmonials has been enjoying quite a nice reputation among some of the best corporate giants out there.

“As soon as we started using Vidmonails, we saw a clear increase in our sales. In my opinion it gives a clear shoutout to other potential customers by showing the exact experience of other people. You know that a certain product can be useful for the company, but when you hear from someone else, this creates trust. I would recommend it to everyone!“

Beth Dumont
Manager of Sales
“Hi! I’m Kate Beckwith, and I have been running my physical therapy clinic for the past 5 years. Finding Vidmonials has changed my life amazingly, I love to show my happy customers describing their own experience with my services. These video testimonials help me bring more customers and build a trust bond with potential clients. I would rate a 5 star for Vidmonials.”

Katie Beckwith
CEO WeCare

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Vidmonials has been enjoying quite a nice reputation among some of the best corporate giants out there.

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