Embed Videos – User Feedback Tool

Add Trust To Your Website And Increase Your SEO With Embed Videos

Vidmonails is a user feedback tool that gives complete control over how you want to embed videos on your website and boost your traffic statistics in no time.

Add Trust To Your Website And Increase Your SEO With Embed Videos

Easy To Use

With few clicks, you can add logos, text, ratings, and other details. With Vidmonials, customizing how you want your videos on the website is now in your control.

Streamline Your Productivity

Integrate with other platforms and increase the flow of productivity in a personalized way for your employees.

Give A Little Human Touch

Authenticate your business through a user feedback tool by sharing the experience of other users with potential customers.

Vidmonials Widget Catalog

Users can find 3 different ways to share embedded videos on the website and enhance the user experience as per the analysis.

Floating Widget

Users will see videos floating over the screen, and they will remain floating on the screen regardless of the screen you are working on.

Playlist Widget

In the playlist, users will see a playlist with all your approved video testimonials to date that can be downloaded as well.

Custom Video Widget

Users can easily make changes or display videos on other social media platforms as well for their advertisements.

Other Key Features Of Vidmonials

Vidmonials capture high-quality video testimonials that massively increase your sales conversions and traffic coming to your website.

Easy To Use Video Editor

Convert regular reviews into extraordinary testimonials for marketing and generating more traffic and conversions.

Record Videos On The Go

Users can record their testimonial videos on the go with their phones and get higher sale conversion rates daily.

Convert Text To Video

Full video testimonial that ensures your text reviews look alive and attention grabber with professional videos.

Reporting And Analysis

See real-time reporting and analysis of every team member and monitor their improvements as per the organization’s goals.

Level up trust in your brand with Vidmonials!

Get started with us today and boost your sales.