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Success Starts With Happy Customers In Your Bucket

Vidmonials made WorkHub become the new normal for businesses

success starts with happy customers in your bucket-


“We had the best operating system for businesses but not the best attention-grabbing technique; therefore, we required something that will increase our SEO*



WorkHub enables business optimization that is always focused while working from a remote environment. People already knew the brand but needed a little push that would make them use our services. They were not doing SEO and only relied on a word to mouth marketing that was not enough. Our challenges were: 


  • Increase the SEO for the company through unique and compelling ways 
  • Make use of text reviews in a way that customers are attached to it 
  • Trigger human emotions to buy the services with complete trust 
  • Keep a record of all the testimonials in one place and use them when needed
  • Integrate with other popular platforms that customers are using


WorkHub keeps employees connected globally and updated all the time. Therefore, companies should have complete trust before they purchase the services. Our team converted all old text reviews into beautiful video testimonials that included real customers talking about their experiences. With rights keywords in video titles, we could also increase their SEO ranking to the first page. Our solution included:


  • Trust-building by showing human emotions in the testimonials 
  • Use reviews within the website to trigger an action by visitors 
  • Utilize Vidmonials library to keep a record of all reviews to date along with the details about their sender 
  • Integrate their service with major platforms to ensure users have access to everything from WorkHub
  • Sharing all video testimonials on social channels to gain the trust of people

What clients are saying

Vidmonials has been enjoying quite a nice reputation among some of the best corporate giants out there.

“Low traffic and inconsistent employees were our biggest issues. We hired their services and utilized our video testimonials in stylish boxes on the website in stylish boxes that increased our bounce rate. Highly recommend their services! “

Michael Owen
Sales Head
One of the major benefits that we enjoy after utilizing their service is the use of happy customers for potential sales. We already had their text reviews but didn’t know the impact of video testimonials. Everyone should use Vidmonials for success!”

Adam Smith
HR Manager

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Vidmonials has been enjoying quite a nice reputation among some of the best corporate giants out there.

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