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Grow Your Business With Vidmonials Like Never Before!

eKomi has increased 25% conversion rate with the help of Vidmonials

grow your business with vidmonials like never before


“We had authentic reviews for businesses in text form, but we wanted to make them more believable for our potential customers.”



eKomi has a fully developed feedback management tool that helps businesses grow. But the customers kept asking for something that would trigger the human response for buyers and result in a conversion. The challenges included: 


  • Getting customers to believe in the testimonial eKomi had
  • Increase sales conversions through the reviews 
  • Provide social proof of what customers are saying about the service
  • Make the recruitment process more accessible and personalized 
  • Place testimonial videos on the eKomi website so that every user sees it


Our experts had a close look at the relevant solution to what eKomi wanted. We ensured transparency in all steps so that clients knew what we were doing. The text reviews were converted into video reviews through Vidmonials and placed strategically on each website page. We also helped them hire the best talent for their brand and create a plan that fits every team member. Our results were: 


  • Video reviews were picked up by search engines which increased the traffic on the website.
  • The human touch triggered the response, and people started to book a demo
  • With the help of social media, our sales increased, and conversion rate boosted
  • We helped pick up the top talent from the market by making the process easier 
  • The bounce rate lowered down after we integrated videos on each page of the website for users to see

What clients are saying

Vidmonials has been enjoying quite a nice reputation among some of the best corporate giants out there.

“Low traffic and inconsistent employees were our biggest issues. We hired their services and utilized our video testimonials in stylish boxes on the website in stylish boxes that increased our bounce rate. Highly recommend their services! “

Michael Owen
Sales Head
One of the major benefits that we enjoy after utilizing their service is the use of happy customers for potential sales. We already had their text reviews but didn’t know the impact of video testimonials. Everyone should use Vidmonials for success!”

Adam Smith
HR Manager

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Vidmonials has been enjoying quite a nice reputation among some of the best corporate giants out there.

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