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Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about Vidmonials!

Frequently Asked Questions

Following are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

There are no monthly fees that you have to pay for support. Vidmonials offer you complete access provided on behalf of the package you selected. Our experts are always ready to give you the needed support for your concerns.
You will be getting software access with all the features enlisted on the website. You can use Vidmonails for commercial use as well. There will be upgrading available as well with time as per your requirements.
Vidmonials is a cloud-based software system that works with all windows. The only requirement needed is the availability of an internet connection. To record a customer testimonial, the user only needs a web camera on their computer. However, users can also upload testimonial videos from their phones.
The offer you get at the start is a discounted offer that may not be available after some time at the same price. However, if you still want to change or cancel the plan at any time, you can do it quickly.

Vidmonials is a powerful customer video recording tool that allows its clients to collect, manage, and share authentic & impactful video testimonials from their customers and increase their website traffic in no time. 

You can easily integrate Vidmonials with all popular tools such as Facebook, Youtube, Shopify, & Amazon, and more. Integration helps in creating more authenticity and capture customers’ trust.

No! Anyone can comment on a video without creating an account on Vidmonials and participate by sharing their suggestions. 

Every Vidmonials recording video can be up to 5 minutes long, while if you’re uploading it by yourself, you can upload a file size of a maximum of 300 MB.

Yes, if a person has started recording but hasn’t completed it, the recording will time out after 15 minutes, and the process will have to be carried out again. 

To record a video in Vidmonials, you can use Web, Android, or iPhone devices. Using the application, you can see comments, respondents and give replies to all messages. 

“I would recommend everyone to utilize Vidmonials if they are looking for sales conversions. Our video testimonials now look more authentic and believable which is helping us capture more public attention and winning more clients.”
Alison Wood
Head Of Human Resource Management

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