Best Screen Recording Software

Don’t Feel Like Showing Your Face? Show Your Screen!

Vidmonials provides its users with one of the best screen recorders that allow them to easily record and share multi-purpose screen recordings.

Don’t Feel Like Showing Your Face Show Your Screen!

Easy To Use

Recording your screen using Vidmonials is as easy as sharing a screen during a video call on the mainstream video conferencing tools.

Minimum Effort

You don’t need to use separate links to access the screen recorder. This option is available on all Vidmonials recording pages.

Engage Viewers

Screen-recorded videos are sometimes more helpful to provide value to your customers than mainstream videos.

How Can You Use Screen Recording Feature?

With this feature of Vidmonials, you can easily record your computer screen for video demos, including video lessons, presentation recording, training videos, and even product/service queries.

Video Testimonials

Demo Videos

Record your best product/service demos using Vidmonials’ screen recorder and save them to share with clients with whom you can’t match your schedules.

Video Lessons

Help your clients use your product/service better with well-explained video lessons with step-by-step how-to videos.

Customer Support Videos

Respond to your customers’ ambiguities about your product/service with hands-on solution videos.

Key Features Of Vidmonials Screen Recorder

Vidmonials, with its super convenient online screen recorder, allows its users to create impactful tutorials, demos, training videos, and much more with just a single click.

Audio Input & Output Recording

A Vidmonials user can create a screen recording using both their own voice and computer sounds simultaneously.

Social Sharing

Once recorded, like other Vidmonials’ videos, the screen recordings will also be available with the option to share on Facebook and YouTube.


Screen recordings made using Vidmonials’ screen recorder will also bear the client’s company logo to sustain the branding impact.

Embeddable Screen Recordings

Just like other videos on Vidmonials, screen recordings can also be displayed on the front-end of your website in the form of video widgets.

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