Video Testimonials Is The Most Powerful Weapon To Win Customer Trust!

  • Bring Massive Traffic To Your Website
  • Maximize Conversion Rate and Bring More Sales
  • Establish Trust in a Way that Text Reviews Don’t
  • Leverage Social proof and Maximize ROI
  • Proven Tool For Sale Conversion

Over 1,000 customers in Europe and USA!

Take Complete Advantage of Video Testimonials

Video testimonials help businesses tell their success stories, attract more website traffic, and close 20% more deals. People trust word of mouth!

Convert Text Reviews Into Videos

Your regular text reviews can be converted into stunning videos for grabbing customer attention.

Social Proof For Feedback

People like to listen from others about the benefits they recieved after using your product. Vidmonails can help you with capturing their attention.

Videos Are More Reliable

Video reviews offer the trust and reliability customers are looking for. Good video reviews can make buyers feel to miss out if they don’t buy.

Build The Trust Bridge

Potential buyers are more likely to carry out a purchase if they have the complete trust. A pleasant video review from a delighted customer is no match for the boring text.

Proven Tool For Sale Conversion

Bring about an 67% increase in your conversions. How? Out of every 100 customers, more than 80% are convinced by watching a common person talk about the product.

Features That Help You Grow Faster

The following product features will help you to drive more leads, convert more prospects and supercharge growth for your business.

Mobile Compatibility

Customers can record their video testimonials on the go

Convert Existing Text Reviews Into Videos

Convert boring text reviews into stunning video testimonials

Easy-to-Manage Vidmonials Library

See collected testimonials to date and the information related to the sender.

Embeddable Video Widgets

Showcase your videos on website through embeddable widgets along with their star ratings.

Easy Video Recording

Customers can easily record testimonials with a single click

Social Sharing

Share testimonial videos on social media like Facebook and Youtube

Have A Look At What Others Are Saying About Us

Vidmonials has been enjoying quite a nice reputation among some of the best corporate giants out there.

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