6 Ways You Can Use Video Testimonials Service For Marketing

6 ways you can use video testimonials service for marketing

A video testimonials service can go a long way towards making the marketing strategy of a business successful.

According to research, 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual. Also, the visual information is processed 60,000 times faster than the text. So, using a video testimonials service, a business can be better marketed.

The necessity of a video testimonials service for marketing is evident from the following statistics:

  1. Using videos, a website can be ranked number one on Google.
  2. 59% percent of company executives prefer videos over texts.
  3. Videos can increase the purchasing intent of people by 97%.
  4. Videos increase brand association by 139%.
  5. An email that includes a video has a 96% more click-through rate.

Read on below the six ways a business can use video testimonials service for marketing.

1. Marketing on social media

Video Testimonials Service Social Media Platforms

Social media is an excellent platform when it comes to marketing a business using a video testimonials service.

And why not?

Today, social media is used by half of the world’s population. So, it makes sense why social media marketing for businesses has become essential.

For a business, reaching its target audience has become much easier; thanks to social media.

Before the world had witnessed social media platforms, it was difficult for a business to reach most of its target audience. And that made it difficult for a business to effectively promote and market itself.

However, now, most of your target audience is likely to be present on different social platforms. Therefore, a business using video testimonials service can market itself relatively easier.

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2. Marketing in the Blogs

Today, infographic videos are quickly overtaking reading as a source of information. However, blogging still remains one of the preferred sources of information.

Moreover, blogging has the utmost importance in digital marketing. And for that reason, many marketers still prefer it when it comes to receiving organic traffic.

So, why not use the client testimony videos, made using a video testimonials service, in one of your blogs.

It is a great way to market one of your services related to the blog post’s topic.

Additionally, it effectively convinces the reader that your business has a solution to offer for the problem mentioned in the very blog.

You can write a blog around one of your client’s testimony for you in the following ways:

  1. Write an informative blog, instead of promotional, to showcase your client’s testimony.
  2. Do not make your blog about your client’s testimony only.
  3. Write the blog on the problem addressed in the video testimony of your customer.
  4. Include the testimony such that it seems necessary to be included. You don’t want to leave the impression that the blog was written only to market the client testimony.

3. Marketing on the landing page

A video testimonial service can be used to market a business on the landing page of its website.

So, a business can effectively market the use of its service/product to its website’s visitors.

Following, a video testimonials service can be used for marketing in this regard:

  1. It can be used as a general testimony to the quality of your service/product by your consumers.
  2. It can also be used to interest the visitor in your business.
  3. When used on the landing page, it helps to create better brand awareness of your business.

4. Marketing the Case Study

Marketing the Case Study

The video reviews, made using video testimonials service, can be converted into case studies for marketing purposes.

A video testimonial is similar to a case study in that the purpose of both is to show how a problem was solved.

Since a testimonial video shows how a business helped overcome a problem, it can therefore be turned into a case study. And doing so, a business markets the use of its service to the general audience.

5. Marketing in Newsletters/Emails

Sending newsletters and promotional emails is an effective way to persuade potential customers.

Marketing is done right by making use of the video testimonials service in your email marketing campaigns. So, video testimonials service can help a business to present itself in a better light.

Generally, in newsletters or email campaigns, a business sings the praise of its own. However, when a third party testifies your service, it changes the perception of the recipients towards a business for the better.

Here are some of the practices to follow in this regard:

  1. The video testimony should be related to the content of the newsletter or email. In essence, the testimony should be about the product/service that you are marketing.
  2. It is never a good practice to excessively use testimony videos.
  3. Make the subject of the email connected with the content and the video testimony included in it.
  4. Do not embed the videos, because they may not play on every device, and also it is not user-friendly. Instead, send the links.
  5. Send emails and include videos of your clients based on the demographics. You may not want to send a women’s product to men and vice versa.

6. Marketing on Youtube

Videos are Everywhere

Youtube is home to 2 billion users. It is second only to Google on the list of most visited websites and largest search engines.

With these stats, the importance of YouTube for marketing is manifest.

So, a business by using a video testimonials service can make and upload testimonials on YouTube, to market itself better.

Bottom line

By using video testimonials for marketing, a business can make new customers, persuade potential customers, and retain the existing ones.

A video review software, as Vidmonials can be used for marketing in different ways and on different platforms. So, it enables a business to market itself using case studies, youtube, newsletters, blogs, landing pages, social media.

The video testimonials example from leading brands also backs the use of a video testimonials service for marketing.

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