5 Proven Tips To Create Business Testimonials

5 Proven Tips To Create Business Testimonials

Business testimonials have become one of the success factors today.

A business can market itself better by using business testimonial. In addition, they also help to bring forth satisfied and happier customers.

Consumers today are more careful in their purchases.

As per the stats, 92% of the customers look for online reviews before buying a product/service.

And so, customer feedback largely impacts the profit/sales of a business today.

The customer view is also hugely influenced by the reviews a business receives from its existing clients.

If the stats are to be believed, 88% of the people reveal that their purchases are influenced by the feedback.

The importance of the business testimonial can also be understood by the following statistics:

  • Only after reading positive business testimonial, 72% of the consumers purchase a business.
  • Business testimonials are the most trusted content regarding a business for 97% of the b2b customers.
  • A web page with business testimonials is 34% more likely to increase the conversion rate.
  • Positive business testimonials increase trust for a business, according to 72% of consumers.
  • When the expensive products/items are present with a business testimonial, the conversion rate increases by 380%.
  • This article shares five tips for creating business testimonials. So a business can create and leverage them in their marketing campaigns.

Read them as below:

1. Make use of every compliment

If a company receives a compliment from its customers, it should never let it go in vain. That is so because it indicates the usefulness of its product/service.

In the cut-throat competition of the business, it is an achievement for a company to win a compliment. A company should therefore make use of every compliment that it receives from its customers.

It does not matter how concise a compliment may be: a compliment is a compliment.

Praise from the customer over an email or a phone call should be made note of so that it can be used to create business testimonials.

Generally, the customers are okay with their compliments being included in the business testimonials. And so, even a simple thank you from the client can be used to create one.

It goes a long way in creating a strong portfolio for a company’s business testimonial.

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2. Feedback after project completion

Business Testimonials

The best time to take feedback from a customer is immediately after the project has been completed and delivered.

There is a catch in that: the project should be functioning as per the client’s requirements.

You don’t want a project to be delivered that does not have the functionality according to the user requirements.

Take one take away with you: request for the business testimonial from the customer right after delivering a successful project.

It is pertinent to understand one difference here though.

Delivering a successful project and successfully delivering a project are two different things.

In the former, a product is being delivered successfully. Moreover, the final product is what the user had required. And that makes the user happy.

In the latter, however, there is only one success: the project has been delivered.

However, the project delivered may not be in line with the client’s demand. Thereby a clash occurs. And thus requesting feedback in such a scenario does not make sense.

So, request the business testimonial only if the customer is satisfied with the completed and delivered project, else do not.

3. Prompt writing the reviews

For creating business testimonials, a company should encourage writing one.

A client-testimonial web page can serve this purpose. It, therefore, should have all the necessary elements that encourage the visitor to leave a review.

The testimonial page can have a list of successful projects. Also, a link to them can enhance its validation.

As for the questions, they should revolve around the product/service of the business. Along with that, there should also be a text field present. So this may enable the clients to provide customized feedback.

Additionally, the feedback form should be on the customer testimonial page.

It has two-fold benefits.

It persuades the customers to take up your service. While for the existing customers, it prompts them to provide their feedback.

4. Business testimonials for video testimonial

an excellent video of a Business Testimonials

Do you know 47% of people consider video testimonials more effective? Because the visuals help them better understand the product/service.

So if you want to create a business testimonial, feature your clients in your video testimonials.

You may communicate with your client that you are interested in making them a part of your client testimonials examples.

A customer may also be communicated that the feedback will be required in the form of video testimonials.

If the customer agrees to become a part of your video testimonials, creating business testimonials becomes easier. Because having a business testimonial is a prerequisite for making video testimonials.

Simply put, business testimonials are by-products of video testimonials.

A b, as our very own Vidmonials, can also be helpful in this regard.

5. Convey the importance of business testimonials

One of the ways to create business testimonials is to make the clients understand the importance of their feedback.

If the customers believe that their feedback holds value, they are more likely to provide one.

On the other hand, if the customers feel that their feedback does not hold any significance, they are unlikely to provide one.

The customers should therefore be conveyed the importance of their feedback.

Bottom Line

Business testimonials play an important role in attracting the audience towards a business. Also, by highlighting its successful clients and projects, a business can promote itself better.

Today, the view of the consumers towards a company largely influences its success. It also affects the business in the long run.

Given the importance of testimonials for a business, this article discusses the five tips for creating business testimonials.

You may adopt one of the mentioned tips to create business testimonials for your brand/business.

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