Top 30 Companies Offering Powerful Customer Feedback Tools

Companies Offering Powerful Customer Feedback Tools

The purpose of customer feedback tools is to make data collection, sorting and analysis available. In the early days, companies distributed survey form via post or snail mail and asked the people for their ideas. Still, knowing what the consumer thought was crucial in that most, if not all, of such survey questionnaires were prepaid to incentive individuals to write back to enterprises.

How the website arrived have changed times?

Now companies have a wide variety of alternatives for their customer feedback software while seeking for the proverbial “T” to meet their requirements. This blog covers the best customer feedback solutions on the market and classifies them.

Most of the best tools can fall into more than one category, since a broad range of functionality is reasonable for firms to create customer feedback solutions.

By choosing to hear consumer input, enterprises are doing themselves a favor. It is essential to gather customer feedback. And how you gather customer feedback is as essential. For this reason, we have the greatest technologies to give you the specific data you need to get client feedback. Here’s a better experience and more client feedback! (Clinking glasses are illustrated).

If you trust a good instrument to gather it for you, customer feedback is a cakewalk! Here is a thorough list and its distinct qualities of some of the top customer feedback solutions.

What is a Customer Feedback Tools and Why Do You Need One?

Customer Feedback Questions Tips

An automatic customer feedback solution like Vidmonials may help you easily gather, arrange and evaluate client input. These technologies help organizations better understand and find opportunities for their target customers.

A company should be provided with a client feedback tool for various reasons.

User experience improvement

 Create and embed customer feedback surveys easily anywhere you want. Features like these let you discover how your visitors liked or did not like to enhance the user experience with your technical teams.

Better commitment to the consumer

 When your client does a particular action, they are triggered by embedded forms. If consumers are asked to complete survey form following particular, relevant encounters, the response rate is likely to be greater.

Speed up the cycle times of input gathering. Employees no longer need to monitor consumers manually by sending emails with links to complete survey forms, etc. In addition, automation enables representatives of customer care to pinpoint the source of client discontent promptly. This enables them to tackle the problems mentioned better.

  • How Can You Use Customer Feedback?
  • Customer transactions analysis.
  • Client feedback addresses questions like: Is your service aligned with customer demands?
  • Did your company connect adequately with your customers?
  • Do your company completely understand the objective market and the preferences of your customers?
  • What could better be done (smart product and wise service)?

Inform the product roadmap and grasp the following features

You may update your product plan and start mapping methods to deploy the most up to date features after identification. Update your progress often and tell users as the features they are updated are launched.

Enhance and retain customer interaction

Distressed customers offer opportunity to learn in future to prevent such problems. In addition, reaching them gives us an opportunity to correct your company’s negative perception and to retain the customer via incentives.

Based on client input, create business targets

You may simplify your product/service to better fit consumer demands, because you know what your customers enjoy and dislike. You may thus arrange your future steps on the basis of your fresh results.

Find and improve conversions using your greatest features

You can determine the characteristics that contribute to the best conversion rates from the information you have acquired from Vidmonials. This allows you to test and find out how this feature can best be used to boost conversions.

In a great feedback tool for your use what you need to look for?

Easy to navigate, user-friendly interface

You will not spend additional resources to teach your staff how to use the new tool for collecting feedback. The features should be intuitive and easy to navigate through the application even people who are not technologically knowledgeable.

Check Vidmonials for a tool to integrate into your team’s daily workflow! With its many integrations and Chrome expansion, anyone in your team can collect in less than a minute feedback from any web-based application they use.

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Variety of features and feedback collection methods

Features of customer feedback tools

You want the flexibility to personalize certain survey types while still having the option to adopt standard templates for generic feedback.

Some common features about Customer Feedback Tools you may want to look out for includes:

  1. Compatibility with other existing tools you may have
  2. Survey templates
  3. Quick form creation
  4. Various methods of collecting feedback

You want your feedback tool to be able to automate feedback collection, organization, and analysis. Users should easily obtain an outline with minimal clicks and understand the gist of the feedback collected.

You also want to filter and find past customer feedback from your database, aiding your customer service representatives provide speedy responses to customer problems.

Ability to notify customers about feature additions and changes.

A good CRM tool acts as a centralized platform for all of your needs. As such, you wish to look for a tool that permits you to directly transport emails to customers concerning new feature launches that they need to be requesting or looking forward to.

Different Ways to Assemble Feedback

Collecting feedback is not any longer a chore with numerous feedback tools to assist us. Some alternative ways to assemble feedback include:

Voice of the customer (VoC) feedback tools – These are tools that gather opinions, views, and feedback from your target customer bases, like Mobile surveys and predictive analysis.

Online surveys – More normally used online surveys encompass Google Forms, Type Form, Survey Monkey, etc.

Net Promoter Score (NPS) Surveys – These surveys degree purchaser loyalty and pride with one easy query: “How probably will you endorse our product to others on a scale of 0-10?”. Follow-up Discussion soliciting a justification for the rating will usually be protected to gather extra insights.

Online review platforms – Customers visit these platforms to produce product reviews. These platforms are great for businesses looking to gather information for their sentiment analysis.

Visual feedback – this might be available in the shape of allowing your customers to submit screenshots of issues they faced along with your website and their general user experience or perhaps attaching product photos to their reviews.

Social comments – Customer comments accumulated through social media channels like Instagram tale polls, Facebook messenger bots, Slack apps, etc.

Video comments – Video comments are on hand while monitoring a user’s steps at the internet site earlier than accomplishing their goal. The recording of the stairs they took can be analyzed to identify any problems or gaps they face.

Your Ideal Feedback Tool Depends on Your Goals

Regardless of your aim, we hope this text has furnished you with a few insights into choosing your perfect comments tool. Although accumulating comments is important, it must now no longer be your sole emphasis. With Vidmonials, an all-in-one comments control tool. You may convert the statistics you obtained into actionable plans and begin running at the functions your clients requested!

Why Vidmonials is considered the best Customer Feedback Tools

Why Vidmonials Better

Vidmonials Customer Feedback Tool facilitates groups to preserve a whole eye on every lead and touchpoint with the ones ends in music the lead status. The Vidmonials lead scoring machine facilitates the income group to lessen the time and efforts to filter the majority leader.

The first-rate consumer comments equipment is those that your customers will really fill out in place of final after a nanosecond. And that is wherein Vidmonials’ fascinating shape designs come into play. By getting innovative with layout and inspiring you to write down questions in a conversational tone, Vidmonials facilitates carry a feel of your logo character in a manner few different consumers comments equipment can.

Handily, Vidmonials comes with a Live Preview mode for seeing modifications in real-time, easy analytics for having access to short insights, and a Logic Jump characteristic that makes every Vidmonials smarter and greater non-public via way of means of advancing customers to applicable questions.

Vidmonials Customer Feedback Tool Used via means of corporations together with Adobe, Shopify, and Survey Monkey takes an imaginative visible method to consumer comments. Built for marketers, product managers, and UX designers, this all-in-one answer visualizes conduct that will help you apprehend what your customers care about.

It does this via diverse forms of warmness maps – which assist you in picking out how customers are scrolling, moving, and clicking – and you may even select to peer precisely how your traffic is navigating your internet site via vacationer recordings. Vidmonials conversion funnels assist you to discover in which your traffic is losing off, and in turn, how you may lessen jump rate.

Additionally, a groovy shape evaluation function identifies fields that humans are taking too long to fill, along with comments polls that light up the wondering in the back of customers’ decisions.

Key features:

Collect & prepare remarks

Users can import all current remarks from assets like Salesforce, Excel, Slack, Jira, HubSpot, Zendesk, Intercom, and more. Meaning? All of your remarks, client data, product priorities, and analytics are aggregated into one centralized vicinity on hand throughout all teams, making it less complicated to spot & catalog developments and client needs.

Gather real-time insights

Testimonail service providers like Vidmonilas allow you to run sentiment, opportunity, and friction analyses by serving custom surveys to active users in real-time. you’ll also organize users into different segments and target specific groups counting on what style of feedback you’re trying to find.

Validate & prioritize requests

Vidmonials helps you identify and organize requests and prioritize the projects with the most important impact. you’ll be able to also share roadmap items with users to induce their input and prioritization preferences.

Close the loop with customers. Vidmonials makes it easy to stay customers informed, automatically communicating the status of improvements associated with individual needs as their request moves through the pipeline.

You’ll even have the choice to feature a personalized message to produce context as required, still because of the ability to come up with personalized notifications in bulk to stay entire cohorts informed.

Top 30 Great Feedback Tools Out There

1. Vidmonials

Vidmonials - Customer Feedback Tools

Vidmonials is a powerful customer feedback tools that allows its clients to collect, manage, and share authentic & impactful video testimonials from their customers.

You can share the videos on your Youtube, Facebook, and Google MyBusiness accounts to build your brand image and increase conversions. Users can also download video testimonials or text-to-video testimonials for sharing on other platforms as well.

Around 66% of people prefer to watch a video about a product to learn about it. Our innovative hack converts your text reviews into video slideshows with background music. You can send individual and bulk review requests to your customers in a single click.

Send review requests using QR code, email, or automatize via our system. Users can submit their video testimonials on the link provided by you, without even having to sign up on Vidmonials.

2. Uservitals

Uservitals is a good CRM platform for product feedback compatible with various other tools like Slack, Intercom, etc. With all of your feedback in one place, past customer feedback is quickly available while you connect to customer conversations. Users may also organize their roadmaps with in-app status trackers and notify your users immediately about new feature launches.

3. Proprofs

This tool features a simple drag-and-drop interface and a spread of customizable survey templates for companies to make surveys of every kind.

4. Trustpilot

Users can add their existing mailing lists into this CRM tool and transport email invitations to customers requesting reviews after purchasing or visiting the website.

5. GetSatisfaction

This platform assists companies with building better customer relationships, engagement, and feedback analysis with their community platform.

6. Zonka

Zonka aids companies in gauging user satisfaction through real-time reports, email digests, and instant alerts of the latest feedback received.

7. HubSpot

Hubspot’s customer feedback tools allow you to make and deliver surveys via email and your website, where your team can track all feedback from a centralized dashboard.

8. UseResponse

This centralized platform allows you to form community portals, build FAQs, live to talk with customers, and collect feedback.

9. Typeform

This tool is meant to ask one question at a time, giving the impression of a true conversation being held with the person surveyed.

10. Nicereply

This software allows you to live customer service quality through metrics like CSAT, NPS, and various others.

11. Helio

This survey platform has specific behavior filters that allow companies to get answers from a novel audience.

12. Saber Feedback

This tool allows you to put feedback buttons anywhere on your site and allows users to incorporate screenshots in their feedback reports.

13. KiyOh

This focuses on online reviews and ratings from your customers and contains a special review alarm that notifies you of all new reviews.

14. Google Forms

A free and easy-to-use survey generation tool that will be easily sent via multiple channels.

15. SurveyMonkey

This tool allows you to form surveys with 15 different variations of question types. Suitable for one-off surveys but not for measuring overall satisfaction.

16. Survicate

Its various exporting options, a template library, and therefore the ability to perform NPS analysis that enables users to trigger targeted surveys at any time.

17. OpinionLab

This permits companies to react quickly to customer feedback by optimizing the customer experience and driving engagement through their app.

18. Clarabridge

This provides companies with actionable insights into customer experience by monitoring customer interaction with their interactive tools.

19. SurveySparrow

This platform is simple to navigate, with various survey types, including NPS and offline surveys, to gather feedback from locations with poor internet connections.

20. Qualaroo

This platform allows companies to get popup surveys and offers advanced targeting options and analysis tools to process lengthy and sophisticated feedback quickly.

21. Feedbackify

This tool allows companies to gather feedback from site visitors without requiring user registrations to extend the response rates.

22. UserEcho

This software offers features like a legal system for companies to conduct marketing research and live chat to get customer opinions, among many others.

23. Instabug

This tool allows consumers to report bugs and crashes, and firms conduct in-app surveys and chat with consumers. Also compatible with other tools like Slack and Zendesk.

24. Apptentive

Apptentive allows companies to make your mind up where rating prompts and surveys should appear, allowing consumers to speak with the brand directly.

25. Brandwatch

Brandwatch features a clean dashboard with easily understood analytics and maybe a useful gizmo for companies to observe all social media channels and user mentions.

26. Instagram Polls

Easy to use and gain traction amongst your social following and might easily be customized to seem aesthetically pleasing.

27. Kampyle

This enables companies to watch user experience in various website segments and choose who should be shown each form and where.

28. Engageform

Engageform allows users to share quizzes, surveys, and polls but stands out by allowing companies to ask customers for their opinion in real-time.

29. UserReport

UserReport could be a free tool that permits companies to gather data about their visitors and review the information presented in intuitive reports.

30. Loom

This screen recording tool allows companies to capture how visitors interact with their web elements and, therefore, the general user experience.


Vidmonials customer feedback tools enables you to create an internet customer community, which might be a good thanks to creating friendly ways for visitors to interact and find faster answers to questions, provide consumer feedback, or gather information to form purchase decisions.

Vidmonials features has the ability to deflect customer support cases while helping customers get faster answers to questions. It makes it easy to help customers with buying decisions through user-generated content.

It also makes it easy to embed gamification features that recognize and rewards community experts while motivating all community members to participate more often in conversations.

For detailed information and to get a personal quote book a demo with Vidmonials.

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